Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Material: Al-KitaabfiiTa’allum al-‘Arabiyya (Georgetown University Press Washington DC) Levels – open (available upon request)

Overview: Al Kitaab (second edition) retains all of the features of the first edition in a slightly revised format and adds some new features as well. Each chapter devotes attention to all skills, listening, reading, writing, speaking and culture, using the basic building blocks of vocabulary and grammar in the format of drills and activities. Many drills are designated as either in-class exercises or homework, and those without designation work well either way. Activities are meant to provide a more open-ended space in which students can push themselves to create with Arabic in speaking and writing, and to comprehend texts slightly beyond their current level in reading and listening.

Teaching Arabic for foreigner:

  • Arabic language is a very rich language as it is used in many countries and different areas in the Arab world leading to have two types of Arabic Language (Modern Standard language) MSA which is not different from place to place or from region to region as it is Quran language it didn’t change and will not change except addition of some new words for the contempt subjects such as technology and technical subjects added by the (Arabic Language forum) it is used widely in all the governmental firms in most of the Arabic countries also in education and newspapers


Material: Al-KitaabfiiTa’allum al-‘Arabiyya (Georgetown University Press

Washington DC) – Modern Standard Arabic (MSA)

Levels – open (available upon request)

General idea about the book:

Al Kitaab (Second edition) is used mainly to support and empower language skills, each chapter in the book is applying all skills of reading, writing, speaking and also learning Arabic culture using main components, vocabulary, grammar and also many exercises and related activities to be used in class or homework leaving wide scope for self-support leading the student to increase his knowledge rhythm by himself.