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نشأة مركز ILCC

The genesis of the ILCC

The International Center for Languages and Translation (ILTC) was formerly the International Center for Languages and Computers

It was established in 1996 as the first language teaching center in South Sinai and in Sharm El-Sheikh specifically to teach the Italian language to Egyptian residents and the Arabic language to foreigners by Mrs. Nermin Saeed. It was one class attached to Compu Sharm Company, and in the following year, the center began to include a member. Another team member joined the team to teach the English language, and in 1997 the center shifted to teaching languages that serve the tourism market in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh, which is in addition to English, Italian, German, Russian, French, and Polish. The center moved in 2002 to its new headquarters, which is the first headquarters equipped as a specialized center for teaching languages and computers. In South Sinai

Our mission

International Center for Languages and Computer

Languages are not only a way to speak and work, but they are a true bridge of understanding and communication between people and civilizations, and learning languages is the way to open many closed doors, and it is your way to achieve progress in your education or job.

The International Language and Computer Center in Sharm El-Sheikh is the largest center for teaching languages and computers in the entire Sinai Peninsula, with more than 20 years of experience.

By providing a strong and integrated educational system and content for languages to learn languages from Egypt and all over the world, as well as most hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and several hotels in Dahab.

The International Center for Languages and Computers in Sharm El-Sheikh has helped thousands of workers in many fields in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to learn languages and develop and develop their linguistic abilities in terms of work or travel needs and dealing with customers, colleagues, and friends from all over the world.

Over the past 20 years, nearly 55,000 students have been trained and educated in various foreign languages, as well as Arabic for foreigners.

The methods used in training and teaching at the International Center for Languages and Computers have proven over time their quality as means of teaching communication and are supported by continuous speaking and using the latest multimedia and multimedia tools, which are issued by the largest publishing and education houses in the world, as well as books issued by This role.

We at the International Center for Languages and Computers in Sharm El-Sheikh believe that understanding other cultures and languages is the fastest way to integrate and strengthen the presence of institutions and individuals in the international community.

The system of services that we provide is complemented by translation and interpretation services through a group of professional and full-time translators for this task in a large number of translation fields.


Development of ILCC

In 2004, Mrs. Ursula Ahmed von Allman joined the work team as a new driving force for the center in the field of administration and public relations, which gave the work team a new start and a great driving force to achieve better service to its clients and to the region in general.

During these twenty years, the center was honored to train more than 35,000 students, including individuals, hotels, banks, tourism companies, and diving centers, through a long list of clients from the most prestigious institutions operating in Sharm El-Sheikh and in South Sinai in general.

The distinctive feature of the center was its precision, commitment, and successive development to keep pace with developments in education and training

During its twenty years of operation, the Center has committed itself to selecting the most skilled teachers, both male and female, who are native speakers of each language and training them at the highest level, as well as to continuously develop the selection and development of scientific material.

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Interpretation and teaching services at ILCC

In 2008, the center began providing computer training services, which were presented in the form of the first ICDL accredited center in South Sinai, specifically in Sharm El-Sheikh.

In 2010, the center began providing translation service in an expanded and professional manner through a distinguished elite of translators from various languages to and from all the languages taught at the center.

In 2014, the center chose to change to the new name, the International Center for Languages and Translation.

فريق العمل

فريق العمل

نيرمين سعيد – رئيسة مجلس الادارة و العضو المؤسس للمركز

دارسة متخصصه للغة الايطالية خريجة كلية السن قسم اللغه الايطالية عام 1994 تجيد اللغة الايطالية بطلاقة بالاضافة الي اللغه الانجليزية و اللغه العربية لغتها الام بدأت كمدرسة للغه الايطالية و تعليم العربية للاجانب و خلال السنوات العشرين الماضية نجحت في تحويل المركز الي اكبر مركز يضم في فريق العمل لدية 35 عضو من 12 جنسية قدم خلالها خدماته الي اكثر من 35 الف متعلم من خلال دقة الاختيار لعناصر العمل المشاركة كذلك اهتمامها بتحديث المادة العلمية لدورات اللغات المختلفة .

السيدة اورسولا احمد فون المان – مديرة المركز :

تحمل الجنسية السويسرية و النمساوية و نظرا لما تملكه من قدرات متميزة في الادارة و العلاقات العامة نجحت خلال الاعوام العشره التي عملت في المركز خلالها في دفع المركز دفعه قويه من خلال تركيز جهودها في عمليات ادارة الموارد و العلاقات العامة ما ساهم في دعم فريق العمل و توفير خدمه متميزة لعملاء المركز من المتدربين

علي محمد :

علي سيقابلك بابتسامته المعهوده و قلبه الطيب ليقدم لك الشاي و القهوه .. علي هو اول امن يحضر الي المركز للاهتمام بان يكون كل شيء نظيف و في مكانه وهو اخر من يذهب بعد ان يطمن ان كل شيء تمام ليغلق المركز .

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We provide certified translations for all languages and it is accepted by all embassies, governmental and foreign agencies around the world.

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