The International Center for Languages and Translation in Sharm El-Sheikh is one of the translation solutions with more than 20 years of experience in languages and translation.

Our mission

International Center for Languages and Computer

Languages are not only a way to speak and work, but they are a true bridge of understanding and communication between people and civilizations, and learning languages is the way to open many closed doors, and it is your way to achieve progress in your education or job.

The International Language and Computer Center in Sharm El-Sheikh is the largest center for teaching languages and computers in the entire Sinai Peninsula, with more than 20 years of experience.

By providing a strong and integrated educational system and content for languages to learn languages from Egypt and all over the world, as well as most hotels in Sharm El-Sheikh and several hotels in Dahab.

The International Center for Languages and Computers in Sharm El-Sheikh has helped thousands of workers in many fields in the city of Sharm El-Sheikh to learn languages and develop and develop their linguistic abilities in terms of work or travel needs and dealing with customers, colleagues, and friends from all over the world.

Over the past 20 years, nearly 55,000 students have been trained and educated in various foreign languages, as well as Arabic for foreigners.

The methods used in training and teaching at the International Center for Languages and Computers have proven over time their quality as means of teaching communication and are supported by continuous speaking and using the latest multimedia and multimedia tools, which are issued by the largest publishing and education houses in the world, as well as books issued by This role.

We at the International Center for Languages and Computers in Sharm El-Sheikh believe that understanding other cultures and languages is the fastest way to integrate and strengthen the presence of institutions and individuals in the international community.

The system of services that we provide is complemented by translation and interpretation services through a group of professional and full-time translators for this task in a large number of translation fields.


Why choose ILCC?

Certified translation

We provide certified translations for all languages and it is accepted by all embassies, governmental and foreign agencies around the world.

Customers Service

Our customer service team is available around the clock to translate your important files, answer your inquiries, and help you reach your goals at any time.

We are punctual

Realizing the importance of time for our clients, ILCC is the best translation site where we are committed to delivering files on time and in an agreed manner.

Competitive prices

We provide certified translations for all languages and it is accepted by all embassies, governmental and foreign agencies around the world.

Steps to complete the translation process


Receive the file

After communicating with the client, the file to be translated is received, either manually or online



Submit a quote

After reviewing the file to be translated, the translator determines the appropriate price to complete the translation process.



Preparation and translation

This stage begins with the preparation of the source file to be translated and the beginning of the translation into the other language to which it is to be translated.



Review and audit

After the completion of the entire translation process, the technical review stage begins to ensure that there are no errors, then the linguistic proofreading stage.



File delivery

In the end, we deliver the translated file, fully formatted, and within the agreed time period.


ILCC Achievements in translation services

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Available languages for translation

Common Questions

Source means The word, sentence, or work to be translated, while the word target means the word, sentence, or work that has been translated.

The minimum and maximum limits are determined by the volume of work, meaning if the volume of work is large, such as a book or magazine, for example, the minimum applies, but if the file is the number of your documents from 1 to 10, for example, an article.

The minimum and maximum levels are applied according to the required language

For rare languages, including Filipino, Korean, Bulgarian, Norwegian, and many other rare and exotic languages, the price of a paper (250 words) ranges from 250 to 1000 pounds.

As for foreign languages, i.e. the languages taught in most universities, such as English - French - Italian - German - Russian - Chinese - Japanese - Spanish - Turkish - Persian - Greek - Arabic. Translation prices range from 150 to 350 pounds.

The number of words agreed upon globally is 250 words per sheet, and it is possible to calculate just by looking, as the sheet is Font 14 A 4 and filled with a sheet.

As for official papers and birth, marriage, and graduation certificates, a complete paper is considered.

Knowing that some offices with long experience in a specific language, the foreign language, for example, German, is calculated on the basis of the 100-word paper.


The minimum is 1400 pounds and the maximum is 3000 pounds per day. And it depends here on the language to be translated into, the duration (number of days), and specialization. For example, in a conference from English to Arabic and vice versa, the number of days is 3. The minimum is applied to it, but a conference from German to Arabic and vice versa here applies the maximum, and also if the seminar or hearing was for an expert from English into French and vice versa, engineering specialization applies here as a maximum limit, bearing in mind that the maximum time limit for the translator is 8 hours only, and if it exceeds that, then one hour is 250 pounds.

For fees of only 30 minutes, i.e. half an hour - the minimum is 500 pounds and the maximum is 1,000 pounds - that is, if the movie is an hour and a half, the minimum payment is 1,500 pounds, while the maximum is 3,000 pounds.

The minimum is 150 Egyptian pounds, while the maximum is 350 Egyptian pounds. This is for foreign languages. As for rare languages, it varies. Refer to previous inquiries.

The minimum is 150 pounds per paper and the maximum is 350 pounds per paper. This is for foreign languages. As for rare languages, it varies. Refer to previous inquiries.

The minimum is 150 pounds and the maximum is 500 pounds per paper

The relationship here comes from the fact that any mistake in the translated contract could cost the company millions of dollars, so such companies must deal with an internationally known translator, and thus the price will be high.

Here, we find that this translator will first translate the contract, followed by a specialized review in the field, for example, an engineering review, followed by a linguistic review, followed by a general review, and therefore we find that the price of the paper is expensive for this international translator. And he will finally stamp this work with his seal, which means that he is legally responsible for any mistake in this work

For the State of Canada, the fee for translating the document is 200 Egyptian pounds, while the urgent (same day) is 250 Egyptian pounds. For the continent of Australia, the fee for translating the document is 200 Egyptian pounds, while the urgent (same day) is 250 Egyptian pounds.

The fee for one stamp on the document is 50, and this amount does not include the translation. Let us assume that there is a contract consisting of 10 papers. The price of the legal translation is 50 pounds per paper. If the total price is 500 pounds, plus 500 pounds for a stamp on the ten papers, then the total translation + stamps = 1000 pounds.

Accounting in more ways than one


By counting the words to be translated through the Word Office program, but if this is not possible, the calculation is done on Target.

the second :

If the work is a book, then by looking at the contents of the book, the number of illustrations it contains, the size of the book, and taking a page from the book and writing it on the Word program. A word in arithmetic is the page by three-quarters of the page, and so on.


If the official document is a birth or graduation certificate, then the account is a full page, even if it is less than 250 words, because the official paper has special treatment.

Sworn translator :

is a word circulated in the Levant region in particular, because after the translator graduates from the faculties of languages, he goes to the court, and she swears that he will investigate accuracy and honesty in translation, and this step is not present in the rest of the Arab region?

Certified Translator :

He is a translator who, after graduating from the faculties of different languages, was accredited by the authority that accredited him. Therefore, when the translator claims to be an accredited translator, he must mention the accreditation body and his accreditation number.

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