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Cutting Edge by Longman publisher
تعليم اللغة الإنجليزية

About ILCC Center for Languages and Translation

We at ILCC Sharm work based in our wide experience in Sharm El Sheikh and related to the local environment as a major touristic destination in Egypt and as we are located in the market among our customers we have a deep understanding for our market and customer needs, and as languages is the communication and career improvement tool we provide all courses matching with that need and goals

Our teaching methodology are based in the following cores (talking, listening, reading and writing and conversations).

Our language courses are designed to develop the students’ participation. Our teaching methodology is based on the following cores; talking, listening, reading, writing and conversation. To this end, they are limited to 10 students per class. Workshops, seminars and numerous activities organized by the school, will allow you an enjoyable and relaxing access into the language you are interested in.


Talking, Listening

القراءة والكتابة

Reading and Writing



Material For: English course

Cutting Edge by Longman publisher

Cutting Edge من دار نشر Longman

English course

All English language courses at the center are designed to take into account the development of learners’ abilities, with no more than 10 participants per course. Many activities are also provided, such as workshops, discussion panels, and many activities organized by the center, which will allow you to access the treasures of the language you want to learn in an enjoyable and comfortable way.

English language courses

Subject taught:

Cutting Edge from Longman Publishing

  1. Number of beginner courses: 5 courses
  2. Number of beginner-level courses: 5 courses
  3. Number of intermediate level courses: 5 courses

    All of these courses are offered in English based on English-only training and instruction

A quick look at the book Cutting Edge. It is a multi-layered book, and the curriculum in it depends on teaching comprehensive topics that contain precise and comprehensive work on grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, as well as developing various skills such as listening, speaking, and writing. Likewise, organized and objective speaking skills constitute an essential aspect of every… Part of the curriculum.

The course focuses specifically on:

  • communication skills
  • Use and organize phrases
  • Active learning and study skills
  • Reviews, reorganization, and arrangement