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Sueňa Anaya University of Akala
دورات اللغة الإسبانية

About ILCC Center for Languages and Translation

We at ILCC Sharm work based in our wide experience in Sharm El Sheikh and related to the local environment as a major touristic destination in Egypt and as we are located in the market among our customers we have a deep understanding for our market and customer needs, and as languages is the communication and career improvement tool we provide all courses matching with that need and goals

Our teaching methodology are based in the following cores (talking, listening, reading and writing and conversations).

Our language courses are designed to develop the students’ participation. Our teaching methodology is based on the following cores; talking, listening, reading, writing and conversation. To this end, they are limited to 10 students per class. Workshops, seminars and numerous activities organized by the school, will allow you an enjoyable and relaxing access into the language you are interested in.


Talking, Listening

القراءة والكتابة

Reading and Writing



Material For: Spanish Lanuage Courses

Sueňa Anaya University of Akala

Sueňa (Anaya University of Akala

Material: Sueňa (Anaya University of Akala)

  • 3 Courses beginners level.
  • 3 Courses intermediate level.
  • 3 Courses advanced level.

These courses is a new style in teaching Spanish language for non- Spanish speakers including the following:

  • Collection of conversations and modern dialogues.
  • Collection of daily life conversations.
  • Collection of attractive stories.
  • Complete grammar course.
  • Will help you in acquiring basic skills in Spanish language and it daily usage basics.  a