Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world
Language is not only a way of communication, it also reveals a lot about the culture and the history of the people using it.
Learning languages is the way to open many doors and is the way to make progress in the fields of education and career.
International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) was founded in 1996 It is the largest education facility to teach languages and computer in the peninsula of Sinai, with over 21 years of experience

    • International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) has taken part in developing the industry of tourism in the city of Sharm El Sheikh through providing efficient and practical language training to students from Egypt and around the world and most of the biggest hotels in Sharm El Sheikh & Dahab..

      International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) customers come from all different fields of the tourism industry such as hotels, diving centers, banks, hospitals, airlines etc.

  • – International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) has taught and developed the language skills of more than 55,000 students who are working in different tourism fields in Sharm El Sheikh. They are dealing with customers and colleagues from around the world on a daily basis.

    – International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) is also famous for teaching Arabic Colloquial or Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to foreigners, either living and working in Sharm El Sheikh or people who travel here from all over the world to study the Arabic language.

International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) uses internationally accepted teaching methods as well as tailor-made programs to address particular needs. Our language instructors are a number of foreign and Egyptian highly qualified university graduates, with a long history of teaching experience and a solid background. We use frequently updated teaching material supported by modern equipment.
International Language and Computer Center (ILCC SHARM) provides concise, correct language interpretation and translation services that meets international guidelines. We perform language translations in all major world languages, specializing in:

  • Arabic

  • English

  • Italian

  • Russian

  • German

  • French

  • Polish

  • Spanish

Our language courses are designed to develop and encourage student participation. Our teaching methodology is based on the following core skills: talking, listening, reading, writing and conversation. To this end, they are limited to 10 students per class. Workshops, seminars and numerous activities organized by the school will allow you to relax and enjoy learning the language you are interested in. 

We are in International language and computer Center (ILCC SHARM) Cares in hiring a very good team of Egyptian and foreign teachers and tutors with high levels graduated from universities who are specialized in teaching languages for adults and young learners.